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Equity Talks

Equity Talks Video Series

First Steps Kent seeks to dismantle structural racism and improve the outcomes for people of color. This video series provides tools to guide future educators and parents when having discussions about race and bias.

By offering this to higher education, we can bring lasting change. When we are intentional and willing to be a part of difficult conversations, we can imagine a more inclusive anti-racist, and anti-bias future.

The Equity Talks videos are a snapshot in time that include language and perspectives that may have evolved. The opinions expressed and identity preferences of the speakers interviewed are individual and nuanced; they do not represent a blanket approach. Listen for these moments and acknowledge them. As always equity is about ongoing conversation and education.

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How Identity is Formed

Stories and research about how identity is formed in the early years of a child's life, and how we can use talking about differences to teach the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our Changing Families

Family constructs look different than they used to. Use this video to help talk about different types of families and the way it affects your identity.

How to Introduce Anti-Bias Education

Learn the importance of introducing anti-bias strategies early and often, with some tangible examples. Children notice differences very early. Let's start introducing anti-bias lessons and teachable moments as early as possible - to make real change.

Different Abilities and Fairness

How do we talk about different abilities and fairness with young children? Learn strategies for how to include those with different abilities in the classroom and beyond.

Resources to go along with Equity Talks

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New Training Available

First Steps Kent has turned the Equity Talks videos into a complete curriculum. Each video has an accompanying two-hour training complete with a facilitator guide, powerpoint, and participant guide.

The curriculum is intended for early educators but has been useful for other sectors as well.

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