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Ready by Five Millage Recipients

Welcome to the Millage Portal. We are excited to have you as part of the Ready by Five Provider Network!

Below you will find resources, links, schedule of events and deadlines. Everything you need to fulfill Ready by Five millage requirements.

First Steps Kent (FSK) understands the challenges Service Providers are currently facing to provide in-person services and meet contractual obligations established in each Ready by Five Service Provider Agreements.

New COVID-19 Rate Details
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Your Most Referenced References

Your Ready by Five Provider Network
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Important News

New COVID-19 Services and Rates: From our May 4 Partner Meeting - First Steps Kent is continuing to encourage Service Providers to deliver modified services as described in each Service Provider Agreement to comply with COVID-19 social distancing requirements. These services may be modified to be delivered virtually, through electronic communication, online, telephone, mail, and material delivered to the home. Read all about the new COVID-19 rates here.

We are still requesting Ready by Five awardees to communicate delays with their startup timelines as well as any plans to temporarily discontinue, cancel or delay services due to COVID-19. Please submit updates and any changes in status here.

The updates from providers can be found here.

Data Fun

Data Reference Documents

File Definition Document

Standard Data Field Definitions

Template Data Submission
This file is meant to serve as an example of how data submissions should look for each data file that will be submitted to the county.

Agency IDs
This is the unique identifier for each agency that will be used by Ready by Five and should be submitted in this field with all data sent to KCHD.

Intro to Ready by Five Data Documents (A Video!)

Data Quality and Security PowerPoint

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Technical Assistance

Our webinar on Data Share Agreements was held on April 15. Here are some resources to guide you:

We recently held a webinar on Milestone and Outcomes payments. Below are some resources for you to use to navigate that process.

Below are Cost Sharing and Donations resources to help you through the process.

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