New Baby - New Challenges

The Hispanic Center of Western Michigan supports expectant mothers and parents with young children by providing them with opportunities to access resources and programs to enhance the development of their children. This is one story of the work they are doing in the community.

"I met Elaina* on February 18. She told me she was expecting her baby boy on March 16. After completing a basic needs assessment, I identified Elaina as a single, undocumented mother, with another child at home. Because she is undocumented, she doesn’t qualify for very much public assistance.

Elaina told me she was working, and she was going to work until she hit week 40 because she couldn’t afford to miss work. I referred her to La Lucha Fund, and she was accepted. They granted her money to assist with her bills and rent. I also referred her to Strong Beginnings.

When I called Elaina to check in, she did not answer any of my many phone calls for several days. On March 1, when I finally got ahold of her, she told me that her baby had come early and was born on February 25!

I was very surprised and excited to hear she had a healthy baby! Right away I sent the referral forms to MomsBloom so she could receive assistance with her newborn. I also dropped off newborn diapers to her home. When I dropped off the diapers, Elaina thanked me and shared that she was very thankful for the help we provided and appreciated the support."

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*Names have been changed.

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