Millage Recipient Profile - MomsBloom

When a new baby comes, parents often find themselves overwhelmed and in need of help – and don’t have enough supportive people in their lives. MomsBloom works to fill that gap. The Ready by Five Early Childhood Millage has allowed MomsBloom to expand their “In-home, Hands-on” Postpartum Support program to provide practical and emotional support for mothers of newborns in Kent County, particularly those in underserved communities.

MomsBloom brings families and volunteers together to provide hands-on and emotional support to any family with a newborn baby. Their services are proven to decrease parental stress, increase their confidence in their parenting role, help develop a sustainable support system, and help prevent perinatal mood disorder symptoms.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, MomsBloom launched a virtual support program. Nine out of ten in-home clients requested virtual support, and many of their in-home volunteers were able to continue with virtual support. The organization was also able to recruit several new volunteers who were attracted to the virtual volunteering opportunity, and who plan to stay involved.

One parent in MomsBloom's virtual visits program said the most helpful part is, "the personalized care - asking us exactly what we need and then doing the heavy lifting of finding the resources! We are both "essential employees" and have almost zero time to even think. Our volunteer has been a great help." 

Another parent shared, "I'm grateful you guys are doing this in the crazy time! Having an understanding ear is so helpful. The best part is seeing a face outside my family and having an opportunity to process."

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