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The Ready by Five Early Childhood Provider Network

The Ready by Five Early Childhood Millage provides dedicated and sustainable funding for programs that improve the health, school readiness, and well-being of children under age five. The organizations below are the first Ready by Five millage recipients. Click on their name to contact them and learn more about their work.

Outreach and Navigation Providers

OUTREACH AND NAVIGATION services connect expectant parents and parents of young children to early childhood programs in Kent County through online information or by phone.

Ready by Five providers work as a greater network to ensure families get the services they need:

  • Family Futures
  • Family Promise of Grand Rapids
  • Kent ISD
  • Health Net of West Michigan
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Healthy Development

HEALTHY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS help provide parents and caregivers the necessary knowledge and skills to support their child’s health, development, and early learning.

Ready by Five Healthy Development providers include:

  • Arbor Circle
  • Cherry Health
  • Family Futures
  • Family Promise of Grand Rapids
  • Ready for School
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Home Visiting

HOME VISITING PROGRAMS involve trained providers, such as nurses or parent educators, who regularly visit families in their homes to offer a variety of education and support.

Ready by Five Home Visiting providers include:

  • Camp Fire West Michigan 4C
  • D.A. Blodgett - St. John’s
  • Easterseals Michigan
  • Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative
  • Family Futures
  • Kent ISD
  • MomsBloom
  • Spectrum Health System
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Play and Learn Communities

PLAY AND LEARN COMMUNITIES are facilitated play groups that guide parents and caregivers with young children through group and individual play activities that model learning opportunities and build understanding of child development.

Ready by Five Play and Learn providers include:

  • Camp Fire West Michigan 4C
  • Cherry Health
  • Comprehensive Therapy Center
  • Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative
  • Grand Rapids Community College
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Healthy and Safe Homes

HEALTHY AND SAFE HOMES providers educate and address environmental health hazards in the home that can contribute to lead poisoning, asthma, and unintentional injuries to young children.

Ready by Five Healthy and Safe Home providers include:

  • Cherry Health
  • Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan
  • The Kent County Health Department
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