Supporting Parents and Child Care Providers

Simon* is a 4-year-old boy who lives with his mother. Simon was at risk for expulsion from his child care center. He was being sent home daily and, in some cases only a couple of hours after arriving, making life difficult for him, his mother, and his teacher.

The child care staff reported they were unable to support Simon's needs and were in the process of determining a different placement for Simon.

This is when Arbor Circle’s Keep Early Education Positive (KEEP) program was able to step in. KEEP offers support and consultation to child care providers, teachers, and parents when a child ages 0-5 is facing any kind of difficulty in child care or preschool. KEEP provides intervention and support so that children have a more successful experience in their early education. 

Celeste*, a KEEP consultant, worked with Simon's mother and child care center to align interventions in both settings to create more consistency. Celeste provided interventions to help with emotional regulation, such as a sensory bag, calm-down tools, and breathing techniques. She also worked with Simon's mother to increase awareness of how to positively reinforce Simon’s behaviors at home. 

KEEP advocated to transition Simon to a more trauma-informed teacher in order to better support his needs. Then, Celeste and the child care staff worked to provide interventions in the classroom, such as providing choices, using an emotions chart, and utilizing reflective listening techniques. Simon has shown significant progress and has not been sent home in the last three weeks. 

Simon's mom reported, “We never would have been able to get the school to let him switch classrooms without you! I’m so grateful for your help!” 

KEEP program was made possible because of the generosity of Kent County taxpayers and the voter-approved Ready by Five Early Childhood Millage. Click here to learn more. 

*Names have been changed. 

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