Strength-Based Support for Parents and Children

Toby is a four-year-old boy who lives at home with his mother and father. He was referred to Infant Toddler Developmental Services through Arbor Circle due to his separation anxiety and need for support with social/emotional development. During the past year, Arbor Circle therapist, Kate, established a great rapport with the family and assisted with advocacy and support, as the family sought testing for Autism.

Kate has worked with the family to expand their support circle as well as provide supportive counseling to his mother to assist with her own anxiety. Toby’s parents needed some specific strategies for when they are in the community and in social settings. Clinical interventions, such as grounding exercises, relaxation techniques, preparation plans, and ways to rationalize thoughts were utilized with both parents to increase confidence and overall safety.

Kate used a strengths-based approach, which increased confidence in their parenting practices and ability to ensure well-being while unlocking Toby’s amazing potential.

Toby now has an appropriate diagnosis, which has allowed him and his family increased access to services and supports that are more tailored to fit his needs. By creating a strong therapeutic alliance, Toby is thriving and showing great progress toward identified goals

Most recently, the family discovered that Toby could read at a second-grade reading level. Overall progress continues in multiple developmental areas and parents have continued to implement strength-based learning strategies at home.

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