"Our Changing Families" A Conversation Guide

After viewing "Our Changing Families," here are some conversation prompts to use with your students:

Family identity

  • When you were growing up, who did you consider the members of your family?
  • What was your family structure? How was it the same or different from the other families in your community?
  • Are there families that aren’t represented here?

Talking about our changing families:

  • Why is it important to educate our children about different types of families?
  • Why does it matter how adults react to different types of families?
  • How can we teach children to support and appreciate their friends with different types of families?
  • What can we do with children who are unsure about their own family structure? How can we build their self-pride regardless of family structure?

Conversation Starters after Salvador’s Story: (4:20)

  • Is there a time when you went out in public, at a restaurant, where you felt out of place?
  • Questions around representation in the media?

Ethnicity, Culture:

  • What are ways we can normalize differences around race and culture?
  • Why do you want to be a teacher?
  • What ideas have you come up with about how to help your future students develop pride?
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