The Lopez Family

A young woman, Kendall Lopez, was having pain. She went to the hospital where they told her she was in active labor. Kendall did not know she was pregnant. She hadn’t had any prenatal care, nor did she stop drinking alcohol.

At the hospital, Kendall looked at her mother and said, “I don’t think I can keep this baby.” In fact, when she was first contacted by the Family Resource Specialist, she wasn’t sure if she wanted services at all. ​

Through the Healthy Families Program at Family Futures, the Family Resource Specialist was able to connect Kendall and baby Willa with an Infant Toddler Developmental Therapist to help promote the bonding and attachment between mother and infant. ​

Willa had many tests and many specialists throughout her life. The doctors were afraid that she might have neurological damage and speech delays. Through therapy, they learned Willa does not have any signs of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and she scored 100% on all her Ages and Stages screenings. Willa is now on the waitlist for Head Start and she is very excited to go to school!​

The Lopez family met with the Family Resource Specialist for 122 visits, and they were provided with community resources, parenting resources, research-based curriculum, Ages and Stages Questionnaires and support. ​

During the four years that the Lopez family was in the Healthy Families Program, Kendall repaired her relationship with her mom, got on the Section 8 housing waiting list, established paternity, received many community resources, bonded with baby Willa, and was able to get her ready for school.

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