Translation and Intepretation

Ready by Five Early Childhood Millage supports Kent ISD's Bright Beginnings Program. One day, Parent Educator, Ashley was working with a family who had two children and a third on the way. The family speaks the language, Karen, so an interpreter was needed and always used for every home visit.

Through the regular sessions, the youngest daughter, age two, has some developmental delays that are being treated through physical and occupational therapy.

One day when they were on a scheduled virtual visit, the mom added that the youngest daughter was having stomach problems and had been vomiting multiple times a day for almost a month.

After further discussion, Ashley decided to contact the child’s doctor immediately. Ashley spent the entire Zoom visit on the phone with the English/Karen translator and the family’s doctor and nurses to try to schedule the daughter for an urgent appointment. The family was able to go to the doctor immediately and learned that their daughter’s diet was causing the stomach problems.

Ashley said she was very thankful for the help of translation services because it allowed medical needs to be met immediately. She’s also glad she was in the right place at the right time. The child continues to do much better.

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