Child Care is a Profession

Owning and operating a child care business is similar to running a small business, yet there are additional requirements when caring for children in your home or in a center:

  • Licensed child care is regulated. Center-based and in-home child care businesses are regulated by LARA Child Care Licensing Bureau.
  • Licensed child care is inspected. Licensing consultants assess compliance with licensing rules including inspection and approval of heating and water system, radon testing, environmental health inspection, required documentation, learning spaces, outdoor space, ratios, and more.
  • Background clearance/fingerprinting is required. All child care workers must undergo a background check and fingerprinting to care for children in their home or at a center.
  • Professional development and training is required annually. Child care workers are required to be certified in CPR and First Aid, have verification of training in early learning and child development, prevention and control of infectious diseases, safe sleep practices, reporting child abuse and neglect, prevention of shaken baby syndrome, and more.
  • Child care businesses (center and home-based) pay taxes.
  • More than half of child care businesses (center and home-based) participate in the Quality Rating Improvement System in Michigan.
  • In Kent County, there are 613 existing licensed child care centers and homes.
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