The Power of Inclusion and Play

Phyllis is currently the primary caregiver of her granddaughter, Cecilia. The four-year-old comes from a diverse family where both parents identify with alternative gender terms. Cecilia's father is also working through some mental health challenges.

Phyllis, who has custody of the little girl, was looking for ways to support her as she navigates some complex issues. That's when Phyllis learned of a millage-funded play group, through Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative. When she and her granddaughter attended for the first time, play facilitator Ryan was able to provide Phyllis with resources on preschools, toilet training, and socialization. He also connected the family to local community organizations that provide mental health support.

During their next play group visit, Ryan created a unit about different types of families. Phyllis was so happy with the activities and the books that were offered and how intentional the playgroup was about inclusion and diversity. The experience gave Phyllis the opportunity to show Cecilia that families come in all shapes and sizes.

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