Millage Recipient Profile - Liaison Linguistics

Liaison Linguistics is new to the Ready by Five Provider Network. The agency will provide translation and interpretation support to families enrolled in Ready by Five programs and services.

At present, Liaison Linguistics provides over 120 languages and dialects on-site interpretation and more than 30 languages in document translation.

Nguyet-Anh (Anh) Tran, the founder of Liaison Linguistics, is a former translator and interpreter for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Japan and Korea. She worked in Japan for more than seven years and was responsible for being a liaison between the UNHCR and the Japanese government, the Korean government, and Indochinese refugees.

When Anh returned to Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1996, she worked as a freelance interpreter and translator. Upon seeing that there was a need for well-qualified and trained interpreters in many different languages, Anh founded Anh Okada's Interpretation and Translation Services to share her passion and experience with others in the field. As the result of the high standard and the number of professional interpreters employed, Anh set out to expand the agency and created Liaison Linguistics in 2005. The business started small, but continues to grow to meet demand.

As Liaison Linguistics’ service became known, the number of clients and the demand of service for other languages began to increase. By the end of 2013, Liaison Linguistics obtained contracts with many major medical and educational institutions. They now offer interpretation and translation services in more than 120 languages along with a qualified team of over 250 interpreters and translators.

“Liaison Linguistics is very proud to be one of the language interpretation agencies to support the mission of First Step Kent and the Ready by Five Millage,” said Nguyet-Anh Tran. “We are known to be able to provide many languages, with many considered rare. With the team of experienced and diverse interpreters and office staff, we will be a great support to the agencies who directly provide service to pregnant mothers and children from 0-5 years of age.”

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