Updates on the 2019 Ready by Five Funding Opportunities

Thank you to all the organizations who submitted a proposal for the October 2019 Request for Proposals.

In early December, the Resident Proposal Review Board met to carefully review the submitted proposals, based on the criteria outlined in the Requests for Proposals. 

Here is what's coming next:

  • On January 16, the First Steps Kent Commission will review and approve recommendations.
  • After the First Steps Kent Commissioners approve, the First Steps Kent team will send preliminary award letters to all organizations that have been recommended for funding. 
  • On January 21, the decisions will be brought to the Kent County Board of Commissioners Finance and Physical Resources Committee to approve the recommendations.
  • Date TBA: The Kent County Board of Commissioners will approve final funding amounts.
  • After the Kent County Board of Commissioners' approval, award letters will be mailed to organizations.
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