Equity and Inclusion

Kent County families have spent much of 2020 changing their course of action amid new uncertainties and realities. The stress is not only connected to a global pandemic, but also brought on by acts of hatred, racism, and political unrest that is being felt both nationally and locally.

First Steps Kent does and has always felt the anguish of injustice for people of color. That is why we intently focus on creating lasting change starting with our youngest children.

We are committed to advancing equity and inclusion so that all children grow up healthy, safe, and strong. We do this by addressing systemic inequities within communities of color and advocating for those who are economically marginalized.

Equity and inclusion have always been embedded in our work, but this year felt different. How are we keeping it at the forefront of what we do?

Equity is written into the Ready by Five requests for proposals to make sure organizations that apply for funding have a plan to reach all children and families in Kent County. The team that makes funding recommendations includes a diverse group of parents who bring lived experience to the decision-making process.

Our strategic plan has Equity and Inclusion as the overarching strategy, stating that it is “Everywhere” and “Everyone’s Job.” The goal is a lofty one: no racial or economic disparities in outcomes for children.

This year, we asked our staff and board to take the time to reflect on what equity means to them, encouraging them to learn and take action.

First Steps Kent began a project to help guide parents and future educators on the importance of teaching anti-bias, anti-racist principles to even the youngest students and children.

With our partners, First Steps Kent is committed to changing outcomes for families, one child at a time.

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