About the Ready by Five Quality and Improvement Consortium (QIC) Meetings (FY 2023)

Who should attend?

The meeting content is for Program Managers and Data Managers of programs currently funded by Ready by Five. Agendas will be sent prior to the meeting giving an overview of the content that will be covered. Programs can determine who from their team should be in attendance for each meeting based on the meeting agenda.

Quality and Improvement Consortium (QIC) Meeting Goals:  

  1. Foster peer-to-peer learning among programs.
  2. Review the Ready by Five evaluation results to learn how programs are collectively having an impact.
  3. Use learnings and data to identify strategies that improve program delivery. 
  4. Build consensus of standards and definitions for Ready by Five data submissions.

Upcoming Meeting Dates can be found here and on the Millage Portal. In 2023, we will meet in person at First Steps Kent - 401 Hall St SW, Ste 385, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

*Program types not required to attend QIC: Translation and Interpretation, Fetal Infant Mortality Review Network Lead, and Ready by Five Training Lead.

Where can I find information about QIC meetings? Meeting information is sent through e-CImpact. A record of notes and materials is available on e-CImact as well. 

What meeting should a program attend? Find a breakdown and a few more details in this document.

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