2022 Funding Opportunities

First Steps Kent will offer four funding opportunities this summer for the Ready by Five Early Childhood Millage. The Request for Proposals (RFP) are linked below and available for you to download and print. You must complete the application, however through e-Cimpact.

Funding Opportunity 1: Outreach and Navigation

Parents will know what resources and services are available to support the healthy development and early learning of their young children and have access to the service(s) of their choice that is (are) appropriate for their level of need. Services reach out to and engage expectant parents and parents of young children, with a strategic focus on those with the highest needs.
Program Types: Outreach, Screening, and Navigation

Download the Outreach and Navigation RFP, complete through e-CImpact.

    Funding Opportunity 2: Healthy Development

    Expecting mothers and young children are accessing comprehensive, coordinated care that maximizes the child’s physical and emotional health and has regular screenings to identify developmental delays, disabilities, and emotional problems. Examples of services include Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ – developmental screening tool), health care-focused programming, behavioral health services, and programs addressing environmental hazards. 
    Program Types: Healthy Expectant and New Parents, Developmental Screenings and Connection, Healthy and Safe Home Environment

    Download the Healthy Development RFP, complete through e-CImpact.

      Funding Opportunity 3: Early Learning

      Children have high-quality early learning experiences that nurture their cognitive, social, and emotional development. Examples of services include play and learn groups, early literacy-focused programs, supports for caregivers, and linkages to early intervention services.
      Program Types: Play and Learn Programming, Early Literacy and Learning*

      Download the Early Learning RFP, complete through e-CImpact.

        Funding Opportunity 4: Parent Support and Education

        Parents have the knowledge and skills to support their children’s health, safety, development, and learning. Services provide in-home and/or community-based support and education. Examples of services include home visiting and parent supporting and coaching programs.
        Program Types: Home Visiting and Child Safety Initiatives*

        Download the Parent Support and Education RFP, complete through e-CImpact.

        The Q&A period is closed for requests for clarification and interpretations of the RFP. Here are the final questions and answers.

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